Officers and Staff

Office of the Chief

Chief Jason Edens

Asst. Chief Steve Tomlin

Alyson Leveillard – Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Services Division

Tina Yanosky – Municipal Court Clerk

Holly Chambers – Public Safety Clerk (TAC)

Field Operations Division

Lt. James McCue

Lt. Robert Hudson

Lt. Chance Leveillard

Lt. Bobby Mills

 Sgt. Evan Kilgore – K9 Jonny

Sgt. Christopher Black

Sgt. Justin Forrester

Sgt. Thomas Juliana

Sgt. Charles Hall

Ofc. Dylan Hudson

Ofc. Nick Gatlin

Ofc. Clinton Gibson

Ofc. Shun Williams

Support Services Division

Captain Jason Ercole – Investigations

Lt. Det. Michelle Worden – Investigations

SRO Alexis Callaway