Welcome to the Senoia Police Department

Mission Statement

The men and women of the Senoia Police Department are committed to protect life, property, and the constitutional guarantees of all citizens.  With community partnership as our foundation, we are entrusted to enhance the quality of life, seek solutions to community problems, and foster a sense of peace and security for all people within our city.  We will honor the trust placed in us by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional police conduct.

About Us

The City of Senoia Police Department handles any activity within the Senoia city limits. Under the direction of Chief Jason Edens, the Senoia Police Department covers approximately a 6.1 square mile area to provide around-the-clock public safety to approximately 5,500 residents and thousands of tourists.

The department is located at 505 Howard Road. The department consists of 18 sworn officers and 3 civilian employees. The department offers a full range of policing services, including preventive patrol, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, crime prevention, and drug prevention.

The department operates under the community policing concept, which stresses involvement with the community, and placing resources where they are most needed. It also stresses trying to remove the root causes of crime and neighborhood deterioration. The department is structured into sections: Office of the Chief; Administrative Services Division; Field Operations Division and the Support Services Division.

The primary division of the department is the Field Operations Division. The Field Operations Division consists of patrol and K-9, which are responsible for preventive patrol, traffic enforcement, and response to calls for service. The Field Operations Division is divided into four shifts so that protection is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Officers typically work a 42-hour workweek, counting time spent writing reports and attending the various courts in which their cases are presented.

The Support Services Division consists of the Criminal Investigations Division and the School Resource Officer Program. There are two investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, which are responsible for in-depth investigations of crimes in order to build successful cases for prosecution. The investigators work closely with the District Attorney’s staff and Investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. There is currently one officer assigned to the Coweta County Charter Academy as a School Resource Officer.