First Day of School 2018

The first day of School is near and the Senoia Police Department will be attempting to keep traffic moving knowing that most parents like to take their children to school on the first day. This always creates more traffic than what is usually expected on a normal school day. There is also another school, East Coweta Middle School, approximately a quarter of a mile away and heavy traffic is expected around that facility.

The Senoia Police Department will make all attempts to allow motorist to proceed in any appropriate direction once they leave the school property. However, officers will direct traffic in any given direction if the roadway begins to become backed up with cars and there is nowhere for the vehicles to go. This also creates an issue with backup while students are being dropped off as well as vehicles attempting to leave the Charter School Property. We have experienced this in the past as the majority of motorist from both schools are trying to proceed in the same direction.

We are asking for parents to be prepared for alternate routes when leaving the school property. If a backup of vehicles occurs, motorist entering Highway 16 from Morgan Road will be directed to turn east (towards town) and will not be allowed to turn west onto Highway 16. Please plan accordingly. If backup occurs on Morgan Road @ Old Highway 85, officers will direct all traffic exiting Morgan Road to turn south on Old Highway 85. Please plan accordingly. Note: School Buses will be accommodated

We understand this may cause an inconvenience for some however we must direct the traffic away from school property. As we noted above this is temporary and only expect this to be conducted for the first few days of school.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe school year!!!